Never Look Away – You are far cooler than you think.

As Ricky Gervais’ gorgeous character in Derek might say ..

“ Hanging out with the people I love is my ‘ favouritist’ thing !”

And this is true .

Yet I can also highly recommend including yourself in that list.

Spending time exploring the world and yourself on your own sometimes, is a lot more fun than you might think 😉

When was the last time you took yourself to dinner and a movie? I know right !!!

But how curious is it, that being able to spend time in our own company should feel like a selfish aberration … in this busy life of doing.

Or such a great act of courage..

As though we are afraid of what we will find.

Which I suppose is why we keep ourselves running so fast … and our lives so often jam packed with busy – ness.

Convinced that we are hurtling ourselves in the right direction and looking to others to cheer us on….. just to be sure.

When it is not their job.

And seldom stopping to ask ourselves, how we feel.

And what we think.

Or being quiet or patient enough to listen to the answers.

The irony of which, is that regardless of what we find should we sit in our own company …

NOT discovering it, can have us living in a ground hog day existence, not of our own choosing.

Which often requires Herculean acts to survive anyway.

And loneliness. And pain.

Which is to the ultimate detriment of what we are truly yearning for ❤️

And no one can ever know but us whether our trajectory is leading us closer to, or further away from, what we need.

Sometimes we just have to take the stairs anyway… to know if we are heading in the right direction…..

I watched a beautiful film last night – ‘Never Look Away’ – in which a German Art Professor reminds his class that the only person who will know if the art they create is good, is the person who created it.

And our life, is like Art.

In fact, what we contribute through it, and leave behind us, should be our greatest work of art.

But we so often end up confusing ourselves and others with all this running around searching.

And disguising ourselves inadvertently with layer upon layer of what we’ve hastily acquired in our effort to become ‘someone’ or to find ‘something’… ‘out there’.

So much so that we and others start to believe that this is who we are.

When the greatest gift we can give the world and ourselves, is to be, and love who we actually are. Not easy I know. But doable nonetheless.

Not my best shot, but who cares – this is who I am a lot of the time 🙂

And to do what we truly love to do.

As to quote Derek again:

” If it feels right I do it, if it doesn’t I don’t. That’s how I know.”


How odd that we get into so much strife simply forgetting to notice how we feel.

So we need to give ourselves enough opportunity to remember who we are and what feels right.

And then, to have the courage to become our own best friend in pulling ourself up to our feet, looking front on at that same self, flaws and fears and all, and saying :

‘ So, There. You. Are !! And it only matters that I like you. So get out there and be it !”

And in doing so, the rest will most certainly sort itself out.

As one of my dearest, dearest friends often reminds me.

Because it’s not that complicated after all.

“ Good people doing what they love, is the same as doing good ”.

For yourself and others.

I’ve a lot to thank Ricky Gervais for lately.

God bless him.

And all the people who love me enough to have selflessly both championed and joined me on this recent sabbatical into the TheBside.

Thank you

I love you all more than I can say.

May we all become better at not looking away.

The gold is so often in the shadows.


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